You asked, I answer

Let’s try something else! Looking through the Google searches that led my readers (that’s you!) to my blog, I found several questions you seemed to have. Here we go, ordered by show:

Image (c) FOX

Image (c) FOX

Q: “why does rosewood tv look so yellow”

Rosewood’s TV doesn’t look yellow, but the show’s producers certainly love color correction. Everything’s yellow on Rosewood, even things that shouldn’t be. Like blue sports cars. I assume that’s why Rosewood is driving a yellow car.

Q: “what is emp acronyn stand for on rosewood tv show?”

As far as I know there’s no mention of an EMP – which would be an electro-magnetic pulse – anywhere on Rosewood. I get what you’re asking, though: the EMPD is the East Miami Police Department where Detective Villa works.

Image (c) NBC

Image (c) NBC

Q: “english transtlation of the black list”

That would be “The Blacklist”. You’re very welcome.

Q: “ryan eggold german”

He’s not German, he’s from Long Beach, CA. If you meant “does he speak German”: not really, which should be a problem while pretending to be a neo nazi among Germans. Fortunately, neo nazis are pretty daft so they never notice.


(c) FX

(c) FX

Q: “abudhin country” (and variations)

If you want to know if Abuddin exists – nope, it’s a fictional country. However, it’s pretty clear where it is supposed to be (the middle east, duh!) as it shares a border with Syria.

Picture (c) Starz Originals

Picture (c) Starz Originals

Q: “thomas egan from power is he guy?”

He’s a guy, yeah. Does he look like a woman to you? If so, please recalibrate yourself.

You probably wanted to know if he’s gay. He’s not, as this article from reveals. Although there are some pictures of him where you might get the wrong idea.

Q: “angela valdez is a slut” and “angela valdez is a hoe”

That’s not a question. However I tend to agree with your sentiment although I’d never call her that since I’m a nice person.

castlelogoQ: “castle carly rae sell out”

Oh hell yeah!


Something else to read

Since I don’t really have much to report currently, here’s something else worth looking at when you run out of stuff to read here:

This blog attempts to find out where source code appearing on TV shows (and movies) was taken from. It’s a bit redundant sometimes since posts are reader submitted and many people send in the same stuff but it’s an interesting read regardless.


The Emperor’s Young Clothes

UPDATE: Veteran actor Bill Paxton, who plays the character this post is about, died on February 26th, 2017. I’d just like to clarify this post is not about Bill Paxton’s performance. In fact, he’s by far the best actor on this show and clearly does his best to save it, but in the end it’s a team effort and his effort alone is just not enough.

It’s Training Day, y’all!

Compated to the movie of the same name, the show is a bit lame, but it’s still better than the train wreck that was Rush Hour, just not as funny. This is just a quick post about something I noticed in episode 3 (and others, but it was most prominent here).

In a flashback at the end of that episode, we see Max Payne Detective Whatshisface shooting a dude and rescuing a girl. Apparently, this was 20 years ago, and here’s our hero:

Image (c) CBS

Image (c) CBS

And this is the same guy 20 years later:

Image (c) CBS

Image (c) CBS

Not much of a difference, you say? Neither do I since it’s the same actor. He even sports a similar beard and haircut, but in the first shot he’s wearing a hoodie and t-shirt to make him appear younger. I’d say he aged well since he manages to look worse twenty years ago.

Of course they could have cast a younger actor that looks alike like most shows would do, but … nah, screw it, that would cost money.

Ironically they manage to cast a perfect young counterpart to an older character in episode 4. Sometimes I really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.