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Ah, Rush Hour. If this terrible movie spinoff is any indication of the quality of all the other remakes or spinoffs coming in the near future, that future looks pretty grim. Fortunately, CBS already cancelled the show a while back and is now burning off the remaining episodes on saturday nights.

In episode 9, the two (mostly annoying) detectives are briefed by their (also mostly annoying) colleague. She’s showing them an article about a suspect:

Image (c) CBS

Image (c) CBS

Let’s take a look at the paragraph of text in the center of the picture. Well, for one, it’s terribly formatted – no real news site would publish an article with that kind of block formatting, especially not with such small text. However, the text is really irrelevant anyway since it’s Lipsum – there’s nothing there, just Latin gibberish. Seems that whoever had to put the screenshot together made every effort to add more or less legit looking advertisements and video links to the page but couldn’t be arsed to write a halfway decent article. Granted, considering how low-effort the entire show is, that’s not entirely a surprise, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Later in the episode, the detectives are tracking a car using this incredibly detailed map:

Image (c) CBS

Image (c) CBS

I like how the map has to state it’s Los Angeles in (comparatively) huge letters so everyone is aware it’s not any of the countless other cities built in a grid layout. Pretty amazing tech, folks!

And while writing this post, I went back to the beginning of the episode where I found this little gem:

Image (c) CBS

Image (c) CBS

Yep, that’s the camera sitting on a dolly, and there’s the camera operator and a dolly grip pushing the dolly. Ah, glass fronts, they are always so tricky to film!


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