Oh golly, there’s a new show on Netflix, and one created by The Wachowskis to boot! Wait … aren’t The Wachowskis the guys sibilings who didn’t produce anything of relevance since The Matrix? Oh, this is going to be fun!

Sense8 is the name of the show and after watching the first four episodes, I’m not entirely sure where this journey will lead me. I’m also uncertain if this show actually goes anywhere or if it’s just pretentious bullshit. It’s not that I’m bored yet, but the setup – eight people around the world can “help” each other from afar by means of whatever magic – doesn’t really seem to leave much leeway for surprises. So far most of the show’s minutes have been – admittedly colorful and pretty – pictures and very little else.

Anyway, I just wanted to write something about Sense8, but since this is a blog about stuff, here’s something the continuity person should have noticed. It’s a common error as well, which just makes it worse.

One of the eight Sense8rs (or something) is in the hospital because reasons (not going to spoil anything yet because the show is extremely new). In the first shot, we can see the health monitor (a GE Healthcare DASH 4000 – seriously, Youtube has videos about anything), and all vital statistics are clearly visible. The red number says 72 which is likely the heart rate.

(c) Netflix

(c) Netflix

You can probably see where this is going … this is a later shot, and the heart rate monitor seems to have a problem – looks like either no sensor is attached or the patient is dead. Because its hard to see on a still image I made you an animation.

(c) Netflix

(c) Netflix

Seconds later, we are back at 72 beats per minute:

(c) Netflix

(c) Netflix

And that is what happens when you film out of sequence and your continuity person has their day off.


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