Child’s play

A new mystery drama series on ABC called The Whispers? This will either be ridiculously bad or … I don’t know, another LOST maybe? Given the mediocre acting and the predictable plot of the pilot episode, I’d say it’s more likely to be cancelled right out of the gate, but sign me up anyway!

So this show is about kids who have an imaginary friend called Drill who’s telling them to kill their parents (or mothers, at least). Lovely. But it’s really all fun and games as this beautiful picture … uh, depicts:

(c) ABC

(c) ABC

What the fuck are they grinning at like morons? Some silly Nintendo game maybe? It is a Wii U Pro controller, after all. The way he’s holding the thing looks like he’s never played a video game before – he can barely reach the triggers, let alone the buttons above them. So … Mario Kart, right?

(c) ABC

(c) ABC

Reality check, y’all: the kid’s training how to be a killing machine while granny is smiling like she’s in a really bad video game advertisement. He’s playing … wait, what is he playing? Looks like some kind of Halo game, but the HUD looks off and the gun is usually associated with Splinter Cell games. Even after some in-depth research I couldn’t make out which game this is supposed to be. Huh. Did they really decide to blow their FX budget on a few frames of a Halo clone?

Given how mediocre the rest of the episode was, I’d not be entirely surprised.


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