They really, really, really, really like it (but I don’t)

So, it seems like Castle‘s eight season is a go, which is nice, although it’s still not clear if Stana Katic is going to return or not. I’m a bit late with posting this because I hurt my hand and couldn’t type, but I have something to say about episode 22, “Dead from New York”. It was a rather fantastic episode all around with one exception: the shameless and far too long plug of Carly Rae Jepsen’s current single “I really like you”. So Castle and Beckett are investigating the death of a TV host, which obviously leads them to the show’s studio more than once. Even after the host is dead, the show must go on, and before the episode’s furious finale they visit the studio once more.

Image (c) ABC

Image (c) ABC

There, they come across singer Carly Rae Jepsen and it turns out Castle is her biggest fan, because what else would he be? Before she has time to answer his questions, she’s called off to perform a song on the TV show. Her performance is announced to the audience …

Image (c) ABC

Image (c) ABC

… she starts to perform and we can see Castle and Beckett enjoying the show.

Image (c) ABC

Image (c) ABC

So far, so good. At this point, I expected the show to cut back to the actual plot, but unfortunately, over the following 1 minute and 13 seconds the focus shifts entirely to the Carly Rae Jepsen’s performance with Beckett and Castle even dancing happily to her tune. You could say they really, really, really like it. Ugh.

Image (c) ABC

Image (c) ABC

More than one minute of a song that’s only 3:25 long is more than disruptive to the show’s flow. What could have been a cute cameo became a nuisance and a shameless marketing stunt, and that’s something I really, really, really dislike.

To make matters even worse, when the dancing ends and Beckett and Castle stumble upon their prime suspect, the music in the background abruptly ends despite the protagonists standing at exactly the same spot as before.


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