It don’t matter if you’re black or white

While the world internet is discussing whether Stana Katic is going to renew her contract to play Detective Beckett or not, let’s give that latest Castle episode, “In Plane Sight” (7×21) a thought.

Image (c) NBC

Image (c) ABC

The plot has Castle and Alexis fly to London (on an Oceanic Airlines flight no less, fortunately not 815!), when the air marshal on the plane is found dead in the cargo hold. Castle is authorized to investigate and is quickly led to suspect a passenger who’s traveling using a fake passport. The guy definitely looks shifty and supposedly has – you guessed it – ties to the terrorists of ISIS. Oh, and he’s on the no-fly list too! Here’s his sweaty face:

Image (c) NBC

Image (c) ABC

“Sure”, you’ll say, “these terrorist types all look the same anyway”. So it was probably really easy for him to get on an international flight using his stolen passport, right? Right?

Image (c) NBC

Image (c) ABC

What a striking resemblance! Well, at least he stole a man’s passport …


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