Not that smart after all

God, I just loved Bosch, the new crime drama series from Amazon Studios! It’s just so great! The only thing that annoyed me was that it was way too short – the next season  can’t come soon enough.

Actually, there was something else bothering me – the occasionally rather blatant advertising. Now I know that producing shows is expensive and for that reason I really have no problem with the characters drinking a Coke or driving a Lexus, Jeep or whatever as opposed to some old rust bucket, but I do have a problem once they start to rewrite the script to fit in some marketing lines. Unfortunately, in episode six, that’s exactly what happened, and it became a little too silly for me to let it slide.

Image (c) Amazon Studios

Image (c) Amazon Studios

Bosch gets a new phone as a Christmas gift from his ex-wife. He looks quite pleased, and before I could see the packaging proper, I was pretty damn certain it would be an Amazon Fire Phone, given that Amazon kinda sits on a metric ton of these without any chance of selling them. But no, turns out it’s quite the regular old flip phone, which might be the reason he’s so happy, but it’s also rather odd, because his ex-wife tells him “you need a new phone”. He even asks her if it’s one of them newfangled smart phones, and she tells him that it’s “smarter than the one you got”.

“Well”, you say, “maybe he does need a new phone? What piece of prehistoric junk does he use now?” That’s exactly the problem:

Image (c) Amazon Studios

Image (c) Amazon Studios

That’s Bosch on his old phone during the same episode, just a few minutes earlier. If you don’t see much of a difference, that’s because it’s pretty damn similar. So why did Bosch need to upgrade at all, given that the new phone would probably not do anything better than the one he already had? His old one looks perfectly fine, by the way, and considering he was using it the first five episodes without fail, I don’t know why he’d want to replace it.

Image (c) Amazon Studios

Image (c) Amazon Studios

Why, to peddle the services of Sprint, of course! If that’s not reason enough to write a few lines of dialogue that feel strangely out of place, I don’t know what is!

If you really have to know, it’s a Kyocera DuraXT phone with Sprint branding. At least the packaging is 100% recyclable. Hallelujah!

Image (c) some seller on eBay

Image (c) some seller on eBay


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