The curious case of the invisible cameraman

Gracepoint, a new crime drama on FOX, is one of these rare shows where everything just works for me – the story, the actors, the setting, everything’s perfect. And yet, there is stuff like the following I just can’t look past. This is from episode 3.

In this scene, Detective Carver is interviewing Tom, his partner’s son. He’s recording the interview using a video camera on a tripod. There are three people in the room – Tom,  Carver, and Tom’s dad, Joe. This is the first “recorded” image we see of Tom – make a mental note of the time counter as well:

Image (c) FOX

Image (c) FOX

Detective Miller is watching the interview from her office, and the camera (the main camera, not the one the interview is recorded on) cuts back and forth. At some point, we can see the interview camera is clearly focusing Tom, and we can also see where everyone else is sitting:

Image (c) FOX

Image (c) FOX

So far, so good, right? Everything looks in order, until 28 seconds later, we get another look through the interview camera …

Image (c) FOX

Image (c) FOX

Suddenly, Tom is joined by his dad, who is sitting rather close now, and the framing is not the same as before – while Tom’s head was covering about two thirds of the first frame, it’s now less than 50%. Someone must have adjusted the camera, even though no-one aside the Detective is in the room and he clearly didn’t move enough to even look through the viewfinder. And no, the dad didn’t move aside from leaning back – which would cause him to be in the picture less, not more. As if that wasn’t bad enough already, the time counter managed to jump back by a whole six minutes. And that’s what you call a continuity error, kids.

Not sure how that one slipped through the cracks, especially since the time counter was added in post anyway, but it did, and it made me sad. Luckily, the rest of the show doesn’t suffer, but still … so sad. Aww.


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