Why so serious?

After the GPS issues revealed in episode 3 of NBC’s show Crisis, I knew I should go back and watch the older episodes again. And so I did, starting with the show’s pilot episode, and boy, did I find some comedy gold in there – probably the only thing redeeming this mess of a show.

So, the episode starts with the kids of about two dozen influential parents – among them the US president’s son – being taken hostage by some rather well informed kidnappers. The kids get shoved into a truck trailer where they have to stand next to each other along the walls. They are all pretty frightened as they would be when being abducted by obviously dangerous criminals with automatic rifles … well, all but one at least. Can you spot him?

Picture (c) NBC

Picture (c) NBC

Yeah, he’s third from the left and looks like he’s going to explode into a fit of laughter any second now. Here, have some more shots of him:

Picture (c) NBC

Picture (c) NBC

At least he can see the funny side of it all.

However, that’s not the only thing that went wrong here. After some other scenes, everyone has been loaded into the truck and the kidnappers are closing the door. We get this shot of some of the key characters standing side by side looking frightened (well, except that one guy to the right who’s now looking rather ill from having to suppress all that laughter, but he’s quick to turn his head away this time). Here, let me number them for you for easier reference:

Picture (c) NBC

Picture (c) NBC

The very next shot shows the entire truck interior with the hostages who are starting to sit down, and it clearly shows the characters have moved around:

Picture (c) NBC

Picture (c) NBC

I’m not 100% sure about number 3, but judging by the clothes and the hair it’s probably safe to assume that it’s indeed her.

When the news break about the kids being taken, the school is under siege by the FBI and obviously the media as well. There are lots of trucks and cars outside with camera crews setting up, and our FBI agent is rushing through towards the school to explain to the parents that the FBI is clueless. She passes a media truck …

Picture (c) NBC

Picture (c) NBC

… with an empty license plate holder at the front. At least according to Wikipedia, cars in Washington D.C. are required to sport a license plate on front and back, so it’s probably not a good idea to park your van with a missing license plate right next to the cops, crisis or no crisis.


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