Please don’t let this be a coincidence

Just as I was pleased with Continuum doing things well, I came across this … oddity … in episode 3 of season 3:

Picture (c) Showcase

Picture (c) Showcase

So there are three banks that are robbed in this episode, all with fake names – Transnational, BregenzerBank, DeutscheBank … hey, wait a minute!

Picture (c) The Guardian UK

Picture (c) The Guardian UK

Yeah, I’m totally aware that the logo isn’t identical, but the name of the bank still is, and it’s a real bank. But wait, there’s more: the fake logo seems to incorporate one from another existing bank:


I can’t shake the feeling someone from the production crew wanted to express some kind of … concern … with these banks? And look, they even whipped up some cool marketing stuff:

Picture (c) Showcase

Picture (c) Showcase

Am I imagining things? Did they really invent obvious fake names for two of the banks just to suddenly forget about the fact that the Deutsche Bank – an extremely large, powerful and ruthless bank – exists? And not just that, but they create a logo that shares a key element with yet another bank of similar size and ruthlessness?

Does sound a wee bit too convenient to be a coincidence, doesn’t it?


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