This just in: proper GPS coordinates are possible! Film at 11!

Showcase’s sci-fi show Continuum is something like a guilty pleasure of mine: it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s well aware of that and doesn’t try to hide it, making it damn fun to watch. Still, production values aren’t exactly the highest, so when the first episode of season 3 featured GPS coordinates, I was very curious what would hide behind them this time. After all, GPS coordinates are usually a recipe for disaster on TV shows, so would Continuum be any different?

In the scene, Alec buries his time travel device in a park and saves the coordinates to his cellphone. That’s probably not the best idea in the world and will likely used against him sooner or later, but I guess I’ll find out. The first surprise was that the phone actually displays properly formatted coordinates:

Picture (c) Showcase

Picture (c) Showcase

The coordinates given are 49° 17′ 08.5518″ -123°06′ 12.7578″, and if you enter them into Google Maps, you’ll see that they lead to Portside Park in Vancouver, Canada, where the story is set. So at least they found a proper place to put them, right? Well, not just that: it’s actually inside the exact park where the scene is shot, as becomes evident as soon as you use Google Street View on the closest road, which is East Waterfront Rd right outside the park …

Picture (c) Google

Picture (c) Google

… and compare the skyline in the background with that in the scene:

Picture (c) Showcase

Picture (c) Showcase

Turns out they actually bothered to use proper coordinates which is like the closest thing to a miracle. I am well aware that this is exactly the opposite of a “TV Fail”, but I felt I had to report on that anyway because it’s so perfectly done and shows that its perfectly possible to use correct GPS coordinates – if only you want to. Thanks, Showcase, you’ve given me hope.


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